About Us

Schedules are the organizing theme that binds our lives together; the tangible representation of our interconnection. But managing the appointments that make up our daily lives is a cumbersome, archaic process that wastes valuable time in making time. So, we created Skedtap, a calendar app that simplifies the process and keeps life moving at the speed of you.

Through a series of intuitive task-tapping steps, Skedtap maximizes your time through fluid, on-the-fly scheduling innovations:


Our Features

1. Link Schedules

Link imports contacts and events from various calendar programs, including Google Calendar®, Facebook®, Microsoft Outlook® and iCalendar®, into a single tool. By entering your username, password and e-mail address when registering for a Skedtap account, transitioning from your existing scheduling program to Skedtap is as easy as ‘1-2-3.’

2. Preview

Preview reveals proposed events within the daily calendar interface, enabling instant adjustment around conflicts before plans are accepted and set..

3. Swap

Swap displays your contacts’ mutually free times, within discrete timeframes, while protecting privacy.

4. TimeTap

TimeTap scans the availability of selected nearby contacts when unexpected scheduling gaps arise, allowing for the spontaneous booking of plans.

5. Reviews

Users can review events from their calendar. Add comments, up to three photos and rate an experience based on a 5-star scale.


Skedtap was founded in 2014 by Fred Scarf while he was a senior at UC Berkeley. Skedtap is currently based in Los Angeles, CA.