1. What options are available for Linking my Skedtap calendar from my existing scheduling programs?

    Link imports contacts and events from various calendar programs, including Google Calendar®, Facebook®, Microsoft Outlook® and iCalendar®, into a single tool. By entering your username, password and e-mail address when registering for a Skedtap account, transitioning from your existing scheduling program to Skedtap is simple.

    Click the settings icon at the top right of your screen and select ‘Link Schedules’ from the menu. Choose your existing calendar program from the available list and activate it by sliding the toggle to the right and following the prompts.

  2. What is a contact?

    Contacts are two users who choose to ‘Follow’ one another.

  3. What can contacts do?

    Some Skedtap functions are only active between contacts.
    Contacts can Swap, TimeTap, share reviews and send each other invites.

  4. How do I access my contacts?

    Go to the left hand menu and click ‘Contacts.’

  5. How do I delete a contact?

    Currently, you cannot delete or block a contact. But you can click on the “Contact” button, which will end your ability to TimeTap, Swap, and Invite with them.

  6. Is it possible to add contacts without linking to an outside account?

    Yes, it is possible. You can search and follow people within Skedtap. When you both follow each other, you will become contacts.

  7. How do I create/add an event?

    Click the ‘Add New Event’ icon (+) at the top right of your screen, next to the ‘Search’ text field, and create your event by filling in the necessary details.

  8. How do I create/add a Public event?

    While creating your event, select ‘Public’ from your ‘Event is’ options field.

  9. How do I update/cancel an event?

    Select ‘Plans’ from the top left menu. Select the event you want to update or cancel. Cancel by clicking ‘Cancel Event’ at the bottom or modify your new details and click ‘Update Event’ at the bottom.

  10. How do I swap schedules with a contact?

    Follow these simple steps to initiate a Swap Request:

    • Choose ‘Swap’ from the top left menu.
    • Enter the name of the Skedtap user with whom you’d like to swap schedules
    • Select the dates for which you would like to search for mutual availability
    • Click ‘Request Swap’ at the bottom of the page
  11. What types of messages can I expect to receive?
    • Contact request accepted/declined
    • Message received
    • Contact added/removed
    • Swap requested
  12. How can I view an existing event?

    There are two ways in which you can view an existing event:

    • Choose the ‘Plans’ page from the top left menu and click on any plan to view the event
    • Click on any event from within your calendar to view the event
  13. How do I search public events or users?

    Enter a keyword for a public event or a username in the ‘Search’ text field at the top of your screen; then tap the Search icon. Choose from the resulting list of relevant events and/or users.

  14. How Do I change my password?

    Go to ‘Settings,’ then ‘Change Password.’ Enter your current password and set a new password. You cannot change your password without your existing password.

  15. How do I turn off Email notifications?

    Go to ‘Settings,’ then ‘Email Notifications’ and slide the toggle to ‘off.’

  16. How do I set up my account profile image?

    Go to ‘Settings,’ then ‘Edit Profile’ and by click on a profile image icon. Browse to the image you would like to upload and save your changes at the bottom.

  17. How do I delete my account?

    As a user you cannot delete your own account. To delete your account, please submit a request to the support department by contact us. on the www.Skedtap.com

  18. What happens if I switch on/off TimeTap on the Settings Page?

    If you switch it on, you will appear in the results of your contacts’ TimeTap searches.
    If you switch it off, you will not appear in the results of your contacts TimeTap searches.

  19. What happens if i switch a contact on/off in the TimeTap page?

    If you switch a contact off in your TimeTap page, they will not appear in your results when you run a TimeTap search.

  20. Why do you want to access my location?

    To get the most from Skedtap, your location information must be available.
    TimeTap and map-related features require your location in order to function.
    As we continue to update Skedtap we will offer more location based features.
    You can opt not to include your location information, but will not be able to utilize some Skedtap functions as a result.

  21. What should I do if I see an inappropriate photo?

    To report an inappropriate photo, please click on the 3 vertical dots on the photo and select “Report Inappropriate.”

  22. How do I delete a review?

    Click on the 3 vertical dots on the review and select “Delete Review.”

  23. What if I forgot my password?

    Go to the login page and click on “Forgot Password.”

  24. How do I report an issue?

    By going to ‘Settings’ and selecting “Report an Issue,” you will be prompted to select the page most relevant to your issue and provided a comment box in which to explain it.

    Skedtap fields all issues and does its best to get back to you with a response to your query.

  25. How do I make my profile private?

    Go to the ‘Me’ tab and select the ‘Settings’ icon. Then click “Edit Profile” and select “My Profile is Private.”

  26. What does it mean if your profile is private?

    Making your profile private limits users outside of your contacts from seeing your reviews.

  27. What does it mean if your profile is public?

    Making your profile public allows all SkedTap users to read and follow your reviews.

  28. How do I view my daily schedule?

    Go to the “Me” tab and click on a date in the monthly calendar to see your daily schedule.

  29. How do I go back from daily view to monthly view in the calendar?

    Click on the arrow pointing left in the date bar to toggle between daily and monthly calendar views.