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Skedtap® — the Calendar App That Makes Scheduling Intuitive, Productivity Soci- al and Planning Spontaneous — Now Available For Free Download

Free Schedule-Sharing App Protects Privacy, Makes Calendering Social and Saves Time While Organizing It

Los Angeles, California — Skedtap, a technology company with a mission to make social cohesion effortless, today announced the launch of Skedtap, the calendar app for iPho- ne®, iPad® and iTouch®, now available for free download from and the Apple App Store®. Presenting schedules as a social network, Skedtap’s unique sharing features merge calendars, events and reviews into a single platform that manages sche- duling between multiple users at once while protecting privacy. A series of intuitive task- tapping steps consolidate planning by eliminating the tedious calendaring back-and-forth between parties and apps, saving time in making it for everything from the professional to the personal, the planned to the spontaneous. Skedtap is compatible with existing ca- lendar services including Google Calendar®, Facebook®, Microsoft Outlook® and iCa- lendar®. It requires OS 7.0 or later.

“Furthering a narrative that has been around since the beginning of recorded time, I wan- ted a calendar app as mobile as our lives, presented as the social network that it really is,” said Fred Scarf, CEO and founder of Skedtap. “It’s something that everybody takes part in, professionally and personally, all day, every day. But we didn’t have a simple, social tool to connect the who, what, where, when, why and how of it all... until now.”

Skedtap maximizes time through fluid, on-the-fly scheduling innovations that are as pro- fessional or social as the user selects.

  • Link imports contacts and events from various calendar programs, including Google Calendar®, Facebook®, Microsoft Outlook® and iCalendar®, into the singular tool.
  • Preview generates and reveals event invitations from within the calendar inter- face, enabling instant adjustment around conflicts before plans are set.
  • Swap invites users to share mutual vacancies within discrete timeframes while protecting privacy.
  • TimeTap scans the availability of selected nearby contacts when unexpected scheduling gaps arise.
  • Reviews and ratings are generated directly from the calendar interface once events and locales have been attended.

The Skedtap App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at

To learn more about Skedtap, please visit

About Skedtap

Skedtap is a web and mobile technology development company founded in 2014 with amission to make social cohesion effortless. Skedtap’s iOS app is the company’s first pro- duct, debuting in the App Store in January, 2014. Through a series of simple task-tapping steps, Skedtap makes scheduling intuitive, productivity social and planning spontaneous. The company, based in Los Angeles, CA, is founded by University of California, Berke- ley graduate, Fred Scarf. To learn more about Skedtap, visit or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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